PAN ATLANTIS: Eliminating the Grey Areas between Luxury and Premium Properties. - Periwinkle Condos

The true definition of a dream house differs from one person to the other, some attribute it to the interiors, facilities or amenities, location etc. But what exactly describes a luxury home in Nigeria?

Luxury, as the word implies is similar to class, elegance and style. Luxury homes are homes that beget elegance, style and class to an individual.

The true features of a luxury property are; serenity, good security, smart home features, surreal views and amenities. Most properties boast of being luxury, but are they? The key differences always lie in the quality of the aforementioned features.

Here at Periwinkle Condos Limited, we have taken a step further from the norm, to provide our partners  with the best of the world class amenities and services expected of a true luxury property.

Below is a comparative analysis of our project PAN ATLANTIS TOWER and its competitors in Eko Atlantic City.

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