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Investment Options

Investment Options

Investment/Fund Placements

This gives clients the opportunity to deposit or place a certain amount of money within a specified period of time, usually, the tenure will be for 1 year, after which the client receives back the principal and due interest rate.
More so, collateral will be given to the client by the company to guarantee investment cover (For Placing Fund). The company assigns a unit of our property in case the client doesn’t get his money back.
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Investment Options

Buy to Rent

It is an investment option where you get to buy a Condo and secure a life chance to put the same condo for rent in order to make a profit as ROI (Return on Investment). You are capable of making 50% of the principal amount in 2 Years and as well get the whole invested capital back at the end of 4 years.
Short lets you could make up to 18% - 30% and, that's from N70,000 - N250,000 daily. Long Lease you could make up to 10% -15% yearly that's approximately N6,000,000 - N12,000,000 yearly
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Investment Options

Buy to Live

It's an investment option where you can 'Buy to Live' and enjoy any of the Condos with its extensive luxury lifestyle, at the centre and heart of the Victoria Island with tasteful and incredible facilities such as Central Swimming Pool, Cinema, Gym, and Restaurant. There are standby Cleaners to take care of the cleaning of Condos for the occupants.
Additional Benefits: Why lock your Condos when you can make a huge income if you are away for a short period, with the help of the unit Concierge Service Management. Your Condos can get you an attractive income daily or weekly.
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Investment Options

Buy to Sell

This is a fast pace investment technique that gives you the absolute right to sell your Condo with a measurable amount of interest as time goes by. Your Condo could raise as much as a 10%-20% increase within a year.
This is a fast pace investment technique that gives you the absolute right to sell your Condo with a measurable amount of interest as time goes by. Your Condo could raise as much as a 10%-20% increase within a year.
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How To Buy/Rent

Any day of the week, we do site inspection; call us to book you in. 

The next step is to fill out the application form after you’ve viewed the property of preference. 

You may continue to payment via bank transfer or make an online payment after filling out the application form. 

After payment has been made, please send in proof of payment.

You can get an acceptance receipt, purchase contract, and arrangement log etc. After the purchase has been verified.  

Once payment is done, we will do allocation and issue the deed

Where fulfilment lives

One of our aims is to provide our investors and home-buyers the opportunities to invest in our properties with unbelievable annual interest rates and also provides buy-to rent clients appreciable properties with unrivalled annual rental returns on their investments at prime locations.

High Returns

Your money is guaranteed to rise in value within a few years, as latecomers would prefer to invest in assets.


With the deposit needed to own a piece of property as low as 10 million naira, it is arguably the most affordable in that area.

Quality Building

Our homes, which describe the character of a distinctive real estate development firm, are inspirational. Our rooms are spacious and all have an en-suite floor plan with a masterpiece.

Flexible Payment Plan

When you know that you can comfortably buy a house with no financial hassle, the happiness you feel is priceless, think about it. It allows you proper preparation, knowing at the back of your mind that with your monthly salary, you will buy a house.

Professional services

The customer service center is ready to serve 24/7, support the residents to provide information about the urban area, utility services, receive requests for services of Periwinkle Condos.

Regional Growth

The massive growth anticipated in the area would in a very short time, rocket the valuation of your investment.

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